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Shala Darpan Internship

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Shala Darpan

About Rajrmsa Shala Darpan Portal

This Portal was launched by the Rajasthan State Government to monitor all schools. All secondary and higher secondary schools are being monitored with the help of this portal. This portal will increase the quality level of schools and its direct benefit will be to the students.

The main objective of this portal is to connect all schools, teachers, students, and parents. This is a good initiative by the Government of Rajasthan and it is going to benefit everyone.

Shala Darpan portal was launched on 5 June 2015 in Rajasthan. The main objective of which is to develop in the education sector. This portal was implemented by Human Resource Development (Ministry of Human Resource Development). With the help of this portal, all schools, work personnel, teachers, headmasters, students and parents have to be linked on one portal.

Shala Darpan portal is going to be very helpful in the field of education. With the help of RAJRMSA ShalaDarpan portal, all students and their parents and school teachers will be linked on one platform.

So far more than 6500 schools, 81 lakh + students and more than 42 thousand teachers have been added on this portal on ShalaDarpan portal.

Shala Darpan
Primary School30,000+
Secondary Primary School19,000+
Upper Primary School5000+
Sr. Secondary School10,000+

Objects of School Mirror –

Shala Darpan portal was created in 2015 by the (MHRC) Ministry of Human Resource Development. The main objective of which is to take the education sector to a stronger and better level. With the help of this portal, candidates, guardians and employees etc. can monitor and know about many things.

  • Progress report of their children to the guardian.
  • To evaluate the physical condition, education level, progress of students.
  • To raise the standard of education.
  • Connecting students, parents and teachers with the help of a portal.
  • Performing necessary and necessary implementations with the help of state level and district level monitoring.

How to Login in RAJRMSA Shala Darpan Portal

This portal was created to make all employees and all schools online. All employees have to login on this portal.

Employees can take the help of this portal to get their complete details and payment information. Every employee has login details with the help of which they can log in to the portal. Shala Darpan Staff login is explained below, with the help of which you can log in.

  • First of all, login with Shala Darpan Portal using the link given below. 
  • Now click on the “Click to Open School and Office Login” button.
  • Now the new page will open here, we have to fill the Username, Password etc. and solve the captcha.
shala darpan login

Uses of RAJRMSA Shala Darpan Portal –

With the help of Shala Darpan portal, parents can get information about progress report of their children. Parents can see their child’s online attendance, assignment, education level, physical condition, and score etc. on this portal.

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Any person can know about the data of any school on this portal like how much fund is there in the school, and how many teachers are there in the school and which are the subject and how many are workmen and how many are the candidates etc.

On this portal, all government schools, education level and offices of students and all the employees of the school can be compiled.

How to Know School NIC – SD ID

To get know about the School NIC SD ID follow my below instruction to get it-

Shala darpan NIC SD ID
  • Now It will two option to choose you to search by Block or by School
  • Choose as your choice and now enter your district number or College name and solve the captcha.
  • Now hit on the go and all the school NIC SD ID will be in your screen.
Shala darpan NIC SD ID

How to Get Staff Details in Shala Darpan

If you want get the details of the staff who teach your children then it’s very simple, Shala Darpan gives us access to get all the staff details in Shaladarpan website. Here follow my guide to get details in shala darpan.

staff details in Shala darpan

What is The Full Form of RAJRMSA

Rajrmsa Shala Darpan is the stand of the Rajasthan Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan, This is a portal for Students and teachers

Contact details to the RAJRMSA for Any Queries

physical address- Rajasthan Council of School Education, Shiksha Sankul, JLN Marg, Jaipur Rajasthan 302017.

Mobile No-0141-2700872

email address- rmsaccr@gmail.com

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